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09/11/2015 Emerald Oaks Campout

06/25/2016 Played Mutant Mind Meld an underground Spaz event with pink abduction ray, dsyn, anothny bisset, nada and radical edward in Oakland

01/07/2016 Played a show with Terminal11 in downtown San Francisco

09/11/2016 Played Emerald Oaks Campout a dub, electronic, rasta, glitch festival

08/13/2015 Played F8 downtown San Francisco 2 hour set with William S. Braintree, Dragonotter, Sweguno and Counter Vulture

05/28/2015 Played F8 downtown San Francisco Aphex Twin SoundCloud remix party with William S. Braintree, Fluorescent Grey and Sweguno.

04/30/2015 Played at F8 downtown SF with Soja Calcium, and Sweguno

Played Thought Society event with Stirling, Radical Edward, Human Human and more in east bay

04/18/2014 Electronic Sleep played a set with Dratonotter, Panorama Beats, Tigercide, and Red Turbin April 18th at 50 Mason Social House in SF

Electronic Sleep played a show downtown SF Sept 27 at a Future!Future event down in the tea chill out room

Played two Memory Echo electronic music and art events with Dragonotter, JBrave, Peek, DukTap, Hakuin, CounterVulture by ocean beach SF at Honey Hive

Played Emerald Oaks Campout 9/5/2014 with SoundObserver, Dragonotter, Fractal Dragon and Lowghos in central California

Organized Honey Hive Gallery Art+Electronic Music Event 9/3/2014 with CounterVulture, Hakuin, Dragonotter and JBrave in SF

Played a Oakland location for Transmission with Subjktiv and Victor Vankman

Played underground locations in Oakland / Santa Cruz in May 2014

Electronic Sleep and Dragonotter played a show for a Raw Data Tour Sat March 1st... with Dialon, Perksun, iontheprize in central California.

Electronic Sleep, BadMon, Clihax, Jbrave, Dragonotter played an underground show at the Memory Echo warehouse Feb 22nd.

Freakers Ball 10/26/2013 1:00AM - 3:00AM Public Works with Little John, Dragonotter, Bonobo (DJ set), Russ Liquid, Dax, Stridah and many more http://freakersball2013.eventbrite.com/

Motiv Santa Cruz 07/22/2013 with Dyaphonoyze VOID and Electronic Sleep

Freakers Ball 10/27/2012 Public Works with Little John, Andrew the Pirate, Zaggasaurus, Stridah, Slugabed, Thriftworks, Claude Von Stroke, Otto Von Schirach, EPROM, Heyoka

Freakprom 10/14/2012 Oakland Halloween party with Wonderlust, Unityvybe bluezr, Vankmen

Motiv 08/24/2012 Santa Cruz with Zaggasaurus, Wizard Science

Thought Society 08/01/2012 North Bay with Wonderlust, Unityvybe

Katabatik Kampout 06/23/2012 with Xanopticon, Exillon, Nommo Ogo

Heathenworld 11/13/2010 Phoenix, AZ with Terminal 11 and Falcotronic, Modem, Captainmarmalade, Dim

Nevada 12/06/2010 with Secret Society Shocker and Dyslexic Duo

Bar Smith 08/10/2010 with Menagam, Terminal 11, Living Humans Being

Phantom House 03/09/2009 Tempe, AZ with Chimo 25 and Captainmarmalade

Gilgongo Records 02/10/2009 Phoenix, AZ with James Fella, Marble Sky, Evan Miller

Thru The Wirez Laptop Battle 01/17/2009 with Dim, Terminal 11, Metrognome

Lost Leaf 12/27/2008 with Nathanial Nichols

Bar Smith 10/17/2008 with Dj Issa, Dj Terra, Dim, Glix

Phantom House NYE 01/01/2008 with Terminal 11, Captainmarmalade, Glix

Bar Smith 10/17/2007 with Terminal 11 and Living Humans Being

Modified Arts 06/24/2006 with Tom B, Modem, Glix, Ry Wright

Modified Arts 10/27/2005 Apogee, Dim, Brian Science, Adam Mokan

Others I may not remember...